What's the Scoop?

Hi Everyone! Thank you for stopping by our blog! My name is Gloria and I am one of the scoops here at 2 Scoops of Kindergarten. I am very excited -(woo woo) to finally be posting and sharing with our blogging friends! We both teach and love kindergarten. Rick was my mentor teacher when I student taught 7 years ago. Here we are together again to share and learn with all of you wonderful teachers out there. When I am not working on my classroom I am with my 4 fabulous children and the most wonderful man who happens to be a teacher too! As I am welcoming all of you to our blog - tomorrow happens to be the first day we are welcoming all of our new kindergartners! Here is my door which I hope gives a warm and inviting hello to all of them.(Surfin' into Kindergarten!) If tomorrow is your first day or if you have started, I wish you all the best!
One sign that I found on Pinterest,I thought sums up how I feel about my job!

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