Shaping up to be a great year!

It is already the 20th day of school!  I really have such a fabulous class!!  I know it's still early but I can't believe how my little kiddos have learned school, and have adjusted to our full day schedule.  In our district we use the ESGI assessment.  It's so fast and easy to assess our students and to give feedback to their parents.  If you are looking for a new assessment check them out!  One of the common core areas in Math, we have already started working on, is knowing our shapes.  To make it easy, peasy( my kinders say that all the time - ha) I put labels above their tables.  They hear each others' tables called all day and guess what - 100% know their shapes!  I just tested them on ESGI
I can now put up my next table labels - those tricky teen numbers!  The number 12 (seems to be the hardest for my cuties! )  So...this is going up over their table next week! :)  If you would like these table labels, you check them out at our store right here.

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