Fall Bulletin Boards

 It is hard to believe it is November already!  We put away all our apples and finished our pumpkin projects and now we are getting ready for our Thanksgiving play! Outside the kindergarten hallway is a big bulletin board for us to display our work!  We just took down the fall tree and we are putting up our Mayflower!  The kindergartners love to look at their work as they pass it every day and get so excited when something new goes up!(It does not take much to excite a kindergartner though!)

Do I use a lot of exclamation marks!!! Ha ha..I guess I am just as excited as my kindergartners.

Last year I could not find the brown paper for the tree so we made a spooky black tree with an owl inside!  The children apple stamp on paper and we make colorful leaves from that.  The kinders write about what they can do in the fall.

For the pilgrim faces we use paper plates, the girls color their bonnets and the boys have pilgrim hats.  It is always so funny how they some how can make a simple paper plate come to life with their own personality.

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