Feeling Lucky!

I feel so lucky to have such a fun classroom this year! We laugh and laugh and laugh - while we learn! There are 25 students in my room, mostly girls! This never seems to happen! This past week we worked on all of our St. Patrick's Day stations.  I know we are a week early but next week we are having our baseball inspired stations due to having a Baseball themed Family Reading Night. So this week we read some of my favorite Tomi de Paolo  Irish folktale books. If you haven't read them, the kinders love them. 

 I try to use my best Irish brogue but I'm not sure - I think all of my accents I try sound the same.  I love kinders because they really don't care and laugh along with me.

We also had fun while we counted with gold with our March Math & March Literacy
Centers. The gold was a big hit - who wouldn't want to count gold!  One of the favorite things my kiddos liked though was to write the room - looking for the leprechaun feet.  The students searched the room for all of their sight words on the little green feet. It is so easy to add a little magic to their day at this age! There is a freebie in the March Math packet. Have fun and enjoy!

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