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Hello friends! Here are 2 Scoops top 4 products in our store! We are very excited to share with you and give a 20% discount for today! So keep scrolling below to see and ... May the Force be with you! :)

Kindergarten Opinion Writing packet is the first of three Common Core writing packets. Expository Writing and Narrative writing are also Common Core aligned for all Kindergarten classrooms. I have also bundled them for a discount and you can take a peek at each one here.

Writing in kindergarten is sometimes a little scary and that is why I created these writing pieces. I have made it easy for the teacher to work together with their students modeling each step before the students write independently. Using this approach my students have been very successful.
Next, we have our popular  Scott Foresman Find-Trace-Write which consists of 82 Pages of Sight Word practice. Each page includes an area that the children can search and find the sight word, trace and write all of the sight words. The first 45 pages have sight word sentences to trace and read. The remaining pages have lines for the children to create a sentence using the sight word. This has been very successful with our kindergarten classrooms. You can check out this product here.

Okay, friends do you want to already be prepared for conferences next year? Well ...  this Parent Teacher Conference packet includes:
*letter to parents about what a kindergarten beginning reader and emergent reader looks like and how they can help nurture them along
*sign for your door during conferences
*reminder letter to parents
*how am I doing common core checklist for ELA and Math for first trimester
*thank you heart for students to fill out for parents
*common core handout for ELA and Math
*letter to parents about what the common core is..
Just click here for a closer look.

Finally, the favorite of my students is the Bubble Graph Sight Words packet! Students learn sight words as well as graphing at the same time! Here it is in action.... Click here if you would like a closer look (freebie in the preview)

Thank you for visiting 2 Scoops of Kindergarten! I hope you found something that will be engaging and useful for you and your kindergartners! Check out more products from other great educators below!


  1. Wow, Gloria, I LOVE your stuff! The writing packets will come in handy as I transition down to K next year. Great work :)


    1. Elizabeth Vericker, Thank you for your kind words! I know you will love kindergarten. It is such a special year of growth, fun and laughs! If you need anything please feel free to contact me.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Jayne! This was fun!
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