Monthly Reading Incentives & a freebie

Do you have a reading incentive for your students? Well, if not I have one for you. It includes a parent note also. In the beginning of the year, we give so much information to parents that they need a special note for this reading incentive. This is so important that students get into a routine for homework and reading especially. I have 4 children of my own and this is something I tried to instill in them early. As they got older they were already into a great habit of reading and homework without me having to tell them. (Well, 3 out of the 4 children anyway...) :) So....anyhoo...included in the letter is the 3 ways to read a book. (One of my students came to school telling me their father told them they cannot read. This child was devastated because I just told them all how they are READERS! They can read the pictures, they can retell a story and they can read some words! They can READ! I needed to tell the parents all about those 3 WAYS TO READ! :) Next I wanted monthly charts that increased as the school year went by - because... the idea is they will have increased their stamina and they will be able to read longer. So these monthly charts slowly increase as the year goes by. Here is the preview of what this product consists of.
..I have a freebie for you to start the year is the August monthly reading incentive chart. Click on the picture and have fun reading! For the complete product here.

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