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Hello, today we are so happy to be blogging with  Buzzing with Mrs. McClain and many other exciting bloggers about something "You Oughta Know about....."  
Well you probably know about QR codes but do you know how to create them yourself? 
  Did you know it is not too hard to create your own? Last year was the first year we introduced our students to QR code activities. We had 5 ipads in our classroom and used them during Daily 5 and other workstation times. Sometimes the  ipads were used to listen to stories. We found some of their favorite stories on video, taped them or recorded our own voice.
One time we even had our Principal record her voice to one of their favorite Pete the Cat stories and the students thought that was sooo fabulous!
In case you want to set this up in your classroom here are step by step instructions!

Hopefully this helps you try something new and engaging for your students! Have a great school year!! For your copy of the QR codes above click here.

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