Summer Stock Up - Classroom Posters & Fall Reading Centers

Hi friends, Gloria here from 2 Scoops of Kindergarten! I hope everyone is loving their summer! I know we are! Some of our fabulous blogging friends have joined together to help you be able to relax and enjoy your summer knowing that you are stocked up for the school year ~ no problem! We are having another FB, pinterest, blog hop ~ WOW!

I would like to tell you about 3 products I have that I can not live without! Class Rules & Procedures, 8 Mathematical Practices and Short & Long Vowel Posters.

The first thing I talk to my students about every year ~  is Class Rules & Procedures!

Last year I had 27  five & six year olds in our classroom. A lot of these students did not go to pre-school. This was their first experience being in a school. There were many who just did not have any idea what to do.  In order for us to be able to learn, we needed to have rules and expectations. Students need to know exactly what the expectations are. On the rug we spend a lot of time learning. These procedures are important and my kiddos feel comfort in knowing what is expected.

Class Rules & Procedures  packet consists of:

*A whole body listening poster
*Boy and Girl Rug rules posters
*Small Group Listening poster
*Lining Up poster
*Voice level poster
*thumbs up self-evaluation 
*1-2-3 self-evaluation comprehension poster
*Fun student rug rules book for students to color and review what the rug rules are.

On one side of the SMART board are Rug Rules, Voice Level poster and on the other are the 8 Mathematical Practices .

The 8 Mathematical Practices posters include:
I can statements in kid-friendly words, with pictures, so they understand about these important practices.

 Short & Long Vowel Posters are kept right above my guided reading table. I use and reference them all the time during small group reading time. My small group rules poster(which is apart of the Class Rules & Procedures) is there to remind students how to behave during this important time.
Short & Long Vowel Posters packet includes:
Short vowel poster for each vowel which is bright & cheery! Each short & long vowel has a matching picture and word with vowel highlighted. A poster which shows both short and long vowels with matching picture is also included.
After our discussion about rules and procedures we get started with centers right away. For the start of the school year, my kiddos loved these Fall Literacy Centers .   This packet includes:
5 Centers
Work on Writing (2 different options)
I Have, Who Has
Letter Puzzles
Beginning Sounds
I Can Statements to develop Independence included.
This literacy packet can be used for centers, homework, early finishers, and/or seat work.
There are B&W copies included. For color copies I would put in sleeves or laminate. Then the worksheets can be used over and over.  Here are some of my kiddos from last year busy working at these fun centers!

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