Made it Monday - Pebble Alphabet

Hi! Are you feeling a little crafty? Well, here is an EASY, PEASY center for your students that you can have done in no time! Today, my very-talented, artsy daughter Haley from Waking up 2 Elementary and I woke up and headed to the Dollar Store! I was not sure what I was going to find but I knew I needed some fun activities for my kinder kiddos when we got back to school. We have a wonderful sensory garden(which you can read about here) which needed some ABC pebbles! Perfect!
Here is what we did...

1. Materials: At the Dollar Tree we bought glass pebbles (the larger ones). From the Target dollar spot, we got Mod Podge {what a deal!} to work as a sealant, and had paint brushes at home.
2. On my laptop we opened PPT and found clip art and a font we wanted to use. The bumble bees with the whiteboards are perfect because students will not get letters confused (p,b,q). Images were .75" Height and .7" Width.
3. Then we printed the slide and cut out the images.
4. While I cut, Haley started to put Mod Podge on the bottom of the pebble. This layer can be just a few swipes with your brush.
5. Next, Haley put the image facing the bottom so that you can see the letter and pic from the top. Haley was not shy with Mod Podge. Paint away because you want the paper to be sealed on there good.
6. Finally, we let it dry :). By this time we were able to check out the first ones completed as they were dry by now.
Time: With two people a little under an hour for 36 pebbles to be completed.
Credits: Font on Bee Board: "Monica Scribbles". Visit her TPT Store 
Bee & White Board: Whimsy Clips. Visit her TPT Store
Scallop Circle Frames in collage: Waking Up 2 Elementary
That's it! You are done! Click on the link here for your

Hmmm ...Wouldn't they love to find the pebbles, trace the letter and then put the pebble on the mat? How fun! Then they can hide them either in sand, water or in the garden getting ready for the next student's turn.  In the classroom, they can have a sensory bin, bowl or bin that the students pull from and do the same activity! Can't wait!! Here is a copy for you....your very own pebble mat!
What other ideas do you have?

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