Currently--what's happenin' now! I'm linking up with Farley for my very first CURRENTLY!! Here goes.... Here's what happening this month--right now
1. I LOVE Bruno Mars (this is the Gloria scoop talking) I went to see him in concert this summer and I know I converted my husband to be a FAN of his too! ha! 2. I have to admit the first week was quite crazy to say the least but we are all starting to settle in and I am really loving my class! 3. Since last week was Curriculum Night I did not getting anything done for next week! Yikes! So.. tomorrow I will be heading into school to get it done. I'm so lucky to have a fab teaching partner to work together on it! 4. Wanting a weekend like the last one - if we could always have Mondays off - wouldn't that be great? 5. Okay, would it not be great to have a personal assistant? 6. I have made it to the gym twice since school started. :( but I am going to try and remain positive because I have so so much to be thankful for!


  1. I think I need a personal assistant, too. One for work and one for home would be great! :) I'm your newest follower!

  2. Found you via the Currently!

    Mondays are off the greatest, aren't they! I just feel bad for Tuesday being the new Monday...because then I loathe Tuesday. Oh well!

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