Daily 5 - Work on Writing

In the kindergarten room this week we introduced Work on Writing!  Three years ago before our school introduced the Daily 5, my students would moan every time I said we were going to write.  I left sentence starters for them and they only had to finish the sentence.  By the end of the year I was very happy to see them write 2 sentences in a row and for some one sentence was huge.  So..... when work on writing came along I was not sure how this would go over.  Well, as you can see I am a HUGE fan.  By the end of last year my class was writing stories - beginning, middle and end!  (Of course there were a few who still struggled and needed support) but I am talking about the majority of students!  Ok..so here are some pics of our day yesterday as we launched into our first day of having the choice to work on writing! Do you use the Daily 5 and how has it worked for you?

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