New Years Resolutions!

I guess I can't ask my kindergartners to make goals if I haven't made some for myself - right?  So I am linking up with a Peach for the Teach in her 2014 Resolution link up! What a great idea!

My Personal goal every year is to eat healthier and to exercise more.  This does not always happen but every year I try to make this happen.  I think 2014 is my year! (Ha - I have to think positive - right?!)  As far as living in the present, sometimes I feel I am so wrapped up in my work I forget to look up and enjoy my own children and family - so this year I am feeling freer to put work aside and give them extra time just for them and their needs.  

My Professional goal - I just started TPT at the end of the summer and have enjoyed creating lessons and resources soooo much.  I feel it has made me a better teacher and co-worker.  I can make lessons geared to what my students need and if it works for them how great it is to share for other teachers out there.  If the students are engaged, they will learn!  

Classroom goal is to get more organized!  I guess that is all that needs to be said! :)  I am lucky I have a very organized teaching partner.  :) Yeah!

Blog/TPT goal is to keep doing what we are doing.  Both our blog, facebook page and TPT are fairly new and we are doing all right !  :)

Just - for - fun - I started TPT with the goal of making enough money for a family vacation.  Well...I am thinking of a nice warm spot by a pool with a fancy drink with an umbrella right about now.  


  1. Hi, Gloria! Thanks for linking up! I really enjoyed reading your resolutions! I like the idea of being more present. That's super important. Take me with you to somewhere warm!! lol! Happy New Year!

  2. Good luck with your resolutions! From reading your blog, I would say you are great at thinking up engaging lessons for your kids, so that one should be easy!

    Butterflying Through Teaching

  3. Hoping you end up in that nice warm spot by the pool soon! That sounds so good about now. Happy 2014!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  4. Great resolutions! I found you on the TPT forum. I am now following you!


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