Bubble Graph Sight Words, Domino Addition and some FREEBIES!

 Look, our two newest products also have some freebies attached! If you are looking for a new way to spice up Word Work, Rick just created something for you and your kiddos!  The kinders love this activity! They are working on Math and Literacy skills at the same time! This is great sight word practice along with counting and graphing.  Check it out in our TPT store (FREEBIE is in the preview)  or click here.
They are so proud of their work! :)


Another Math activity is a Domino Addition game on the SMARTboard.  You do not need a SMARTboard though if you want to do this activity.  Click on the preview and use the FREE worksheet to have your students adding away.  Some of my kinders need the use of manipulatives to help with adding and subtracting.  This activity is perfect for them and they are having fun at the same time! Use the SMARTboard first to teach your whole class and then send them out to work independently or use the SMARTboard for a math small group activity.  You can check out this product right here.


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