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On this blog hop and share, I am so happy to be teamed up with Sebrina Burke from Burke's Special Kids! Sebrina is an Exceptional Education Inclusion Teacher who has a wealth of knowledge on Reading. Make sure you stop by and check out her blog! Sebrina doesn't realize but her product was perfect for my class! This is why.....
Burke's Special Kids

In my kindergarten class I have a lot of students who are learning the English language. In fact 2 new students just arrived this past month, one from Albania and one from Honduras. I lucked out by having a little girl who speaks Albanian and a few who already speak Spanish. I love this diversity and the willingness of all the other students to help teach the new students.
Rhyming is an important kindergarten reading skill. In order to demonstrate phonemic awareness kindergarten students hear the rhyming sounds in words and produce rhyming words. This is essential for reading.  For English language learners rhyming is especially difficult and it is a skill that needs to be reviewed a lot.  
  Rhyme Sort Literacy Station, Printables, and Rhyming Mini Book came at the right time. The whole class can use a refresher on this! So this week my students loved the centers we received from Sebrina! First we reviewed rhyming whole group and circled thumbs up or thumbs down if two pictures rhymed or not. The thumbs up and down was a big hit with my kiddos!

During guided reading we sorted pictures that rhymed and ones that did not. All of the vowel sounds were covered and my students enjoyed the colorful and fun pictures!

In order to reinforce these rhyming skills, my class enjoyed rhyming literacy centers.  There were 3 more rhyming activities which also included each vowel. Here my kinders colored words that rhymed with different "cvc" words they could read independently.
At another center kinders independently cut and glued pictures into rhyming and not rhyming columns. This is where I could tell who really has this skill down!

My favorite activity was this ADORABLE rhyming superstar book! Here are a few pictures of this book! I actually sat at this center with my students and listened to them read this book and find the picture that finished the rhyme! This was so engaging and fun for them! Take a look!

This can be differentiated for your students. Some of my students had no problem reading the rhyming poem and others I read it to them.

How cute is this!

Well, thanks again to Sebrina from Burke's Special Kids - we are now Rhyming Superstars!

Along with rhyming another skill our kiddos need is to know their sight words. Enter to win our very popular Bubble Graph Sight Word Packet! Students get to learn sight words and explore graphing at the same time! Thank you so much for visiting our blog!


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  1. Thank you for your awesome post! This has been the best hop! I really enjoyed seeing how this product worked for you students and hope it has been fun and helpful for them. My kids loved your sentence activity! I was surprised at how much this helped them. The whole product was just put together so well. Thank you again!
    Burke's Special Kids


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