Secret Admirer

Hello Friends, I'm so happy to be able to reveal my secret admirer! We have something in common with them! They are both Kindergarten teachers too! Our blog we admire is the fun Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Kreations!

Don't you just love their blog!

As I was blog stalking hopping I stopped by their blog and their class happened to be working on exactly what we were working on - butterflies! Their students looked like they were having a great time! Well this is the product my class was fortunate to try out... It was their Butterfly Bundle! Check out the full product here!
Before I tell you about these wonderful activities, I just want you to know that our butterflies happened to come out of their chrysalis on Tuesday of this week along with our chicks hatching that day also. So.. can I tell you it was a bit crazzzzy in the Kindergarten room this week.  But this unit was perfect for us and kept the class engaged all week!

The first thing we did was read Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Then we worked on the fabulous sequencing activity from this product. My kinders loved making their own caterpillar and did such a great job coloring and then sharing their stories with each other.

 Here they are sitting on the rug and retelling the story.  

Next for Math we reviewed symmetry, created symmetrical butterflies and then played the roll, add and color butterfly game.  Can I just say, they loved it!  I honestly did not hear a peep(except from our chicks) out of them, they were so busy adding and coloring!

We continued the week by having butterfly workstations. One group played the Butterfly Lifecycle Cube game,  while another group worked on Bunches of Butterflies Ten-Frames Game. I took a group and did some fun "butterfly"listening activities.

Having fun adding and subtracting

Graphing and analyzing data

The listening activity was perfect! I told my kinders they were going to take a test like a first grader and they thought this was the greatest! They were such wonderful listeners, I was so happy we did this part of the packet. (I was not sure how they would do especially with all the excitement in the room this week.) What a great review!
Practicing sight words, shapes, position words, ordinal numbers & more!
We ended the week with one of the students favorite things to do and that is Write the Room!
Students looked around the room to find any words posted with letters from the word "butterfly", "chrysalis" and "caterpillar". They not only get to move around but this definitely keeps them engaged while finding sight words, friend's names, and all the environmental print around the room.

Thank you again to  Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Kreations! My kinders just loved the activities!  Not only did they have fun but were learning at the same time! Look your students can do this GREAT  Butterfly Write the Room Activity as a freebie for all who are visiting on this blog hop. Click here!

This packet is filled with so many great activities, please go check it out and Kelly & Kim's fabulous blog! For more Secret Admirer reveals click below!


  1. Good work ladies!! Super great picks and super post. Smiles, Jayne
    Smart Kids

  2. Awww, we are so flattered that you admire us! We love seeing our products at work in other classrooms. It looks like they had a great time! Great post, thank you!!! :)


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