What's on Your Wishlist?

Hi friends, I have been missing in action due to a lot of assessments and report cards! But, now I am ready to SHOP! I am always excited when TPT has their sales! 
I love the title, this happens to be our school theme this year too! Well, what is in my cart this year, you ask....

I saw this product and thought perfect for my kiddos! There is food and math - great combination!
Make sure to check out Keri Brown from Enchanted KinderGarden for more fabulous products! She will have my kiddos loving counting by 2s, 5s and 10s with her Popsicle Patterns.

This Silly Cat Bundle is a must for the month of March! I can not wait 'til my kiddos can use these. Cute, engaging and exactly what we are working on! If you are not following Mrs. Payton, you need to follow her store!

Okay this bundle I can not pass up! These Kindergarten Common Core Exit Tickets Bundle is going to be so helpful besides being quick and easy!!! I am very excited about this product! Thank you so much Mrs Plemons Kindergarten!

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