2016 - Ready or not...

2016 Here we come! Well, am I ready to go back? I realllllly enjoyed my time off! Soooo...no not quite ready! Just went in and reorganized my room and yes got a little excited about what is in store for the upcoming year!

So what's new? What am I getting ready for? First, the month of January is BIG on Martin Luther King, Jr. I created this new MLK Rebus story & writing activity!
We read a lot of books, like  Martin's Big Words - here it is on you tube. CLICK HERE.

One of the wonderful things about kinders is they accept everyone for themselves - they really don't think about color, religion, age....(they think I am 25 - another reason to love kinders) 
So really they are amazed at listening to stories about MLK jr. but what a message of peace and equality to teach about! I was very surprised how they discussed this important topic.

Brain pop also has a free video on MLK, jr. You can click here!

This really gave way to a lot of discussions. So this year, I created this rebus book to go along with our 

MLK, jr. week of activities! There is a short rebus story and also a writing activity that goes along with this. My students love using the pictures to tell a story.

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