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Creating an engaging classroom learning environment is important to all teachers and their students!  One of the key areas of my kindergarten class is always the library.  I  try to make this the most exciting part of the room. Well, this year our school has a space theme. 

So how cool is this to have a space themed reading center area for my students to start their LOVE of reading! Thanks to Oriental Trading  we have an engaging reading corner the children are going to want to go to. 

What I like is that there is so much room~ quite a few students can be reading under the canopy. I have a bean bag and numerous pillows underneath. Look at all the cool planets hanging down and the space ship up on top. What child is not going to love this! (*so excited to see their faces and their parents who are going to be so happy too!) Our ceilings are pretty low so don't worry if you have higher ceilings the netting will do the trick. Click here to check out the Oriental Trading Space Themed Reading Center.

Did you know that you can also find a lot of other teacher resources like classroom decorations, bulletin boards supplies, curriculum activities and much more. Look at these adorable pillows! You can find them here. There are many colors and sizes to go along with any classroom. They are so soft but the feature I like most is that you can unzip the cover and wash it. (We know what our pillows look like at the end of the year).

If you are like me you have been going back and forth to the stores purchasing extra supplies and decorations for your room.  Well, Oriental Trading can help you like it has helped me. 

Click Share and you can send to anyone who would like to help donate to your classroom. So easy and efficient! I also plan on putting this link on my class website and in my newsletter. Many parents ask how they can help, they might not be able to come in and help but they would like to get something for the classroom. Oriental Trading makes it very easy. Here is a link to my wish list so you can see an example - Gloria's wish list.

Thank you for visiting my home away from home ~ 2 Scoops of Kindergarten! 

Disclaimer: I will be compensated for this post but all of my remarks are my opinion. 

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