Fall Writing & a Freebie!

Happy Fall! Fall is such a beautiful time of year and the kindergartners are starting to get the hang of school! at this time we also do a lot of apple activities. We taste the different colored apples, we graph which one is our favorite, we learn about Johnny Appleseed, we sort them into like piles. But I have to say their favorite activity is to use their painted apples to stamp onto paper.  We then take this paper and create leaves out of them. It is amazing how beautiful they turn out. Then the leaves are added to our tree out in the hallway but not until we write about our favorite fall activity.

Here is our hallway tree!

For our writing activity we first brainstorm. What are activities we can do in the fall? 

Write down their ideas with a picture.

Here is an example filled out.

They they can write out their response. 

They then glue their response onto a leaf and add it to the fall tree. They love looking at their tree in the hallway.  For your free copy, click here or click on the cover.

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