5 Reasons Why I'm So Excited About BOOM Learning!

Hi Everyone, this is Gloria from 2 Scoops of Kindergarten! I want to tell you something that I am sooo excited about - I just had to share!! It is about Boom Learning! What? You haven't heard - okay let me tell you about why I can hardly wait for my kinders to start.

Boom cards are interactive lessons created by teachers! They are interactive digital task cards you can use on your modern devices.(ipads, computers, interactive whiteboards, kindles, iphones). Maybe you are like me, looking for ways to implement digital stations. I have 6 ipads and 5 computers in my classroom. We have many apps we love, I am just not sure what they are doing at these independent stations at all times. Well, once you sign up at Boom Learning you can get playing right away or you can put in your classroom names and get a report on how they are doing - WOW! That is all I needed to hear and I was signed up and ready to go! *There is a free trial for this feature.

I wanted my students to be able to work independently and these boom cards are self checking and have audio in some cases. I started creating right away and have not been able to stop. For some cards my students needed the audio piece so they would not be asking me what the picture is....so I recorded my voice (amazing - I will not have to repeat what the picture is for beginning sounds, rhyming etc...) 

I am not getting rid of my task cards my students LOVE them! This is just another way to engage and differentiate for our busy classroom. And I won't have to print, cut, laminate and clean them - YEAH! All the PREP time is gone!

Since you will know by looking at the reports who does not understand a skill, you can assign them to work on these digital cards at home! Okay not like homework at all, right! You will have a passcode to send home with your students. Also, assessments (especially for the younger students) can be very time consuming - since students will have to answer questions about topics you teach, you can use these as assessment for their learning! 


Not only are there many free games out there, you can sign up for free! As I said, there is a trial time to use Boom Learning Classroom reports but you will have your decks you purchased forever to play.

Just a Reminder…Any set of Boom Cards purchased on TpT allows you to forever play the Boom Cards using Fast Play. Fast Play does not save student progress reports but does provide you and your students unlimited and lifetime play of the decks you purchase from TpT. In addition, Boom Learning will give customers who are new to Boom Cards, for 90 days, and at no charge, the ability to collect and maintain student progress reports for students. To collect and maintain student progress reports, you must assign students individual usernames and passwords. At the end of the one-year period, you will need to purchase a paid account to continuing saving student reports so that you can view their progress. There are four levels of Boom memberships: There is one free level and 3 levels of paid subscriptions. All three levels of paid memberships are currently under $25 per year. Remember, at the end of the one-year free period, it is NOT required that you purchase a Boom membership. You will continue to be able to use all decks that you have purchased in  the “Fast-Play” mode.

Ok want to try...
To see my ELA Digital Task Card Bundle (Boom Cards) click here.

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