How You Can Use Seesaw in Your Kinder Classroom

With distance learning being a must, teachers are needing to use apps and websites to just survive! I wanted to pass on to you about this great app I have used in the last year in my kindergarten classroom. It is called Seesaw. I loved it so much I became an Ambassador for Seesaw!

What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is a an awesome free, digital portfolio you can use with your students and also a great communication tool for your parents! 

Your students will be able to take a photo, video, draw or write a note. What is great is that they then can record their voice and explain their work. The  teacher is also able to add a file or a link, if you would like your students to work on something more specific. We know in kindergarten that students have to talk about it before they can write about it. This is perfect for kinders as they draw and explain it first. They can label pictures and then write too. 

Once your students work is done, teachers are able to approve and then parents will be able to see and comment. What is great about Seesaw, they provide many videos to assist you. 

The parent communication is fabulous, because you can send messages to all or just to one. We are able to see who reads our messages, which is great because we can then reach out to those who did not. We happen to have families from all over the world and there is a translation button to help us too! 
We are kicking off the year and really pushing for 100% of parents to link in to Seesaw so they can follow our videos, their child's work and receive messages from us. 
Along with our parent letters, we sent the qr code for parents to sign up ~ we left them a welcome message of introduction.

There is a paid portion of Seesaw and it is for recording data. With all of the assessments we need to do ~ this is a great way for us to have the ability to have it at our fingertips and also have a data collection for artifacts of their work. If you would like to try this premium features for free - follow the link below. 

Sign up today using my link and we’ll both get an extra month of their premium features for free!

Let me know if you need help getting going - I think you'll love it.

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