Social Distancing FREEBIE

social distancing in kindergarten

Hi everyone!

We hope everyone is navigating the beginning of the school year the best they can. We are really taking it day by day over here, as things change hourly! As teachers, we love a plan. This year doesn't seem likely to have any solid plans. 

This FREEBIE is for all of the teachers who are starting their year in the classroom. Where do you even start with Kinders and social distancing? One thing we do know, is Kindergartners catch on to things quick! Hopefully they'll get the hang of all of these new guidelines easily, but this is here to help! 

This freebie includes safe morning greetings, a social story about staying healthy at school, as well as steps on how to wear a mask. We hope this comes in handy when starting to teach your kinders all of these new procedures! 

Click the pictures below to snag your freebie! 

covid social story
morning greetings

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