Apple Week- Virtually!

Apple week is one of our favorite weeks of the Kindergarten school year! This year, we are virtual for apple week- but I wanted to share some of the things we plan to do!

1. We plan to use these 4 digital games Gloria created. There are two math and two literacy games included that are compatible with google slides and seesaw! We assign these games on seesaw and the kiddos love them! These games work on one to one counting, counting to 10, letter tracing, and letter matching.

Video of the 4 games in action

2. 10 Apples up on top- We love reading this story during apple week! And for those of you looking for a companion activity to Ten Apples Up on Top, here is a free Math activity to help your students  use the ten frame help them add to 10!

3. Johnny Appleseed story and puppet- There's nothing like a paper bag puppet! We sent home kiddos with a johnny apple seed puppet/paper bag to create one at their house! This is the template we use and it's so nice to know the kids are using fine motor skills at home despite us being virtual!

4. Apple stamping!- Our kiddos will be doing apple stamping at home as well! We sent them home with paint and are having them buy an apple to use to stamp a fall leaf that we will use for a writing activity in weeks to come. This is what the apple stamped leaves looked like in years past in our hallway! 

5. Our librarian is our Kindergarten mascot! She is so fun and always dressing up for the occasion. She'll be dressing up as an apple again and reading some fun apple stories this week!

Enjoy your apple week everyone!

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