October Freebies

Happy October everyone! This month is FLYING by! Two weeks ago we welcomed our Kindergartners back to school in person. They come Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri half days. Parents also have the option to keep their child remote. Super interested to know what you are doing in your schools!

We wanted to share with you some October freebies that you can do with your kiddos whether that be online or in person. 

1. Fall Writing - This is one of our favorite activities to do in the fall! First students brainstorm activities they can do in the fall on this graphic organizer. 

Then they complete this little half slip of paper and finish the sentence "In Fall, I can..." There is one with a girl and one with a boy :)

We then have the students apple stamp a leaf and staple this paper to it. Here is the finished product in our hallway. 

2. Ten frame counting for Seesaw & Google Slides-  This would be great for your e-learning kiddos! Halloween themed activities are so much fun! Students count how many pieces of candy corn on the ten frame and click the correct number. This is compatible with Google Slides & Seesaw.
halloween ten frame

3. One more One less Boom cards- Boom cards are quickly becoming one of our students favorite games to play on their iPads! Boom cards work on any device and you as the teacher can see how your students are doing! This one more, one less boom card is a great one for this time of year in Kindergarten!

one more, one less boom card

We hope you enjoy these October Freebies! 

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